RJR Formwork Systems

RJR Engineering provides a worldwide service to the construction industry, we offer a professional formwork systems design service to establish the most cost effective and efficient solution to any formwork project.

RJR Formwork for Concrete Structures

Indumat Formwork Support Systems have been supplied by RJR Engineering for large and prestigious construction projects in the UK and many overseas countries, including the Middle and Far East.

The Indumat Method permits movement of very heavy formwork without dismantling. On one project, over 100 tons of formwork was lowered approximately 5 metres, moved to the next pour position, elevated and fixed over twelve times. On another underpass project, 70 tons was struck, moved and fixed through more than forty re-uses.

formwork support systems

Another example is of soffit formwork support towers for a soffit at a height of more than 20 metres being moved without dismantling.

Formwork Support Systems Variants

SFM 40 - Maximum 100 kn/leg

Individual tables can be supplied to carry loads up to 150 tons. Typical support tables up to 20 metres high have been lowered 4.5 metres and moved, without dismantling, using the articulating wheels supplied. This Formwork for concrete structures is used mainly for large scale civil engineering projects such as power stations, bridges, viaducts, high and heavy beams, airport terminals and tunnels.

SFM 20 - Maximum 50 kn/leg

Used for lighter structures, such as buildings, car parks, hospitals, reservoirs, warehouses and where waffle, ribbed, barrel vault or mushroom-type slabs are used. 

formwork for concrete structures        

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