CCL Prestressing Equipment

Preshcon’s Prestressing Systems Equipment range incorporates the combination of CCL Jacks with CCL Pumps. CCL Prestressing Jacks have remained the world’s leading Prestressing Jacks since their original development in the 1960s combining industry leading design with the highest quality to deliver the highest performance. CCL Prestressing Pumps are manufactured to endure the world’s most demanding environments, choosing the highest quality hydraulic components available has delivered unrivalled reliability and performance on even the most challenging of construction projects for over 50 years.

Prestressing Jacks

CCL  “Stressomatic” Prestressing Jack range incorporates power lock-off to ensure wedges are correctly seated inside the grip barrel, and to prevent the release of strand under force. All standard models are of leightweight construction for ease of handling by one operator without lifting gear. Long stroke rams for 160kN and 300kN forces are also available, and all CCL jacks now incorporate new hard wearing seals for extended life.

CCL Prestressing JacksUnique features of the CCL Stressomatic Prestressing Jacks include:

  • Minimum strand wastage: Pulling wedges are located inside the jack near to the so only the short length of wire or strand is required for attachment.
  • Speedy operation: The jack extends and retracts rapidly under power and any length of strand may be stress, the strand passing down the center hole of the ram. Typically, 13mm strand on the 30m long stressing bed can be stress within 25 seconds.
  • Power lock-off: The front of the hydraulic cylinder automatically locks off to reduce wedge drawing to a minimum.
  • Safety: Operation is by push button controls-hand-held or clamp to the pump unit - with 3m lead for maximum operator safety.
  • Maintenance: Stressomatic jacks are easily and quickly stripped down for cleaning and maintenance using the tools provided.

Available Sizes

Type STRAND RANGE Long / Short Stroke Stroke Length (mm) WEIGHT (KG) CLOSED LENGTH (mm)
60KN UP TO 7MM SHORT STROKE 200 12.25 626
160KN 7 – 13MM SHORT STROKE 200 25.00 724
LONG STROKE 500 35.00 1054
300KN 13 – 18MM SHORT STROKE 200 41.00 722
LONG STROKE 400 61.00 1000

Prestressing Pumps

CCL Prestressing Pumps are able to deliver a range of pressures speeding up stressing operations but delivering exact control when needed for precise stressing. Advanced force control systems allow accurate multiple input and transfer of data to computer for real time analysis, storage and printing. Remote push button control means safe and simple operation with the user able to take up safe positioning while stressing.

CCL Prestressing PumpUnique features of the CCL Stressomatic Prestressing Pumps include:

  • Bespoke manifold systems to reduce risk of faults on complex pipe work
  • Two speed pump increases speed at low pressureand slows when accuracy is required when reachingrequired load
  • All Steel Pressure system which is quieter, stronger, more reliable
  • Seated Valves which allows a lighter/smaller oil reservoirand less heat generation
  • Innovative integrated pump/motor giving smaller, morecompact, lightweight designs
  • Power Lock-off to provide safe stressing operation
  • High quality Gauges accurate to 1% gives instant visual display
  • EC Thermoplastic pipes fitted with anti-kink springs for safety

CCL Prestressing Pumps are available in 2 ranges :

  1. SR3000 Prestressing Pumps are a more robust design with protection frame as standard, their exceptional build quality and specifications ensure high reliability and low maintenance over their lifetime. The SR3000 Prestressing Pump offers rapid, reliable 2 speed stressing up to 18mm strand.
  2. SRX Prestressing Pumps are a more compact, lightweight prestressing pump, capable of delivering fantastic performance on small strand diameters. Ideal for site work or workshops where pump mobility is key they are available in various voltages. Both Prestressing Pump types are available in various sizes and voltages with many interchangeable features making them the ideal  drive unit for any Prestressing Jack.

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