'IRON MAN' BMS Rebar Coupler

The Preshcon 'IRON MAN' BMS threaded rebar coupler system originated in Korea and has been developed to its current world leading standard by the Boo won Corporation in Seoul. Building on Melvyn Precious’ 30 years of experience in design, testing and worldwide supply of reinforcing bar couplers, a partnership was formed between Preshcon and Boo Won which has successfully penetrated the global market from their base in the Asian Hub of Singapore.

Since 1999 more than 50 million parallel threaded rebar couplers have been supplied for almost every form of civil and commercial structure imaginable, from Olympic stadiums to mass rapid transit systems, the prestigious Singaporean deep tunnel sewage system and high rise buildings including the Burj Khalifa.

Threaded Rebar Coupler

The Patented 'IRON MAN' threaded rebar coupler from Preshcon uses a combination of cold forming and cold thread rolling to maximize the thread area potential. This optimises the size and strength of the thread area to such an extent that the bar fails away from the coupled joint under tensile load – the coupler is stronger than the bar!

threaded rebar coupler test2 large d
threaded rebar coupler test large d

The Cold forming method is essentially simple – the shape of the end of the rebar to be threaded is modified via a round accurately predetermined sized steel die set. The forming load is minimal and applied transversely to the grain flow of the material, this in effect aligns the grain flow of the ribs and the core diameter. The core diameter and ribs are formed to an accurate circular shape suitable to thread roll. For a standard thread suitable for the 32mm Type A rebar coupler this takes approximately 10 seconds.

nuclear power plant rebar couplers d
nuclear power plant threaded rebar couplers d

Universally accepted as the norm in industries with the most grueling needs for high performance connections, thread rolling enhances the material strength, providing an extremely consistent and accurate thread form with added benefits in fatigue and stress reversal conditions.

'IRON MAN' Threaded Mechanical Coupler

The 'IRON MAN' threaded mechanical coupler system fixes in only 5 turns, half that of most other coupler systems, essential in projects that require large numbers of couplers and speed of construction.

Supplied with ISO standards and additionally UK CARES approvals, the 'IRON MAN' BMS rebar coupler system is higher performing, stronger and easier fixing than any other rebar coupler – “the system speaks for itself, why choose anyone else.”

Preshcon is the leading rebar coupler supplier in Singapore supplying reinforcing bar couplers to suit every application and internationally renowned standard, including nuclear, seismic, fatigue and strain energy functions.
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Threaded Rebar Coupler Types



  • Used where the continuity bar can rotated final tightening is by wrench, spanner etc.
  • Used for P.S.C box at the top of the bridge: ILM, FCM, MSS method of construction, 2nd application, slip form construction, etc.



  • Used in application of large sized long bars ( for slip-form, column, post applied in the site ) where bars can be rotated but may be difficult to do so.
  1. We Extend the bar thread at one side to allow the coupler to screw right on, flush with bar end. On assembly the bar ends are placed against each other and the coupler rotated on to the short thread to form the connection.
  2. Turn the coupler onto the short thread to complete the assembly and tighten the bar into the coupler with a wrench.



  • Used for construction of prefabricated cages of fixing hooked/cranked bars.
  1. We extend the bar thread at one side to allow the lock nut and coupler to screw right on flush with the bar end.
  2. To assemble, the bar ends are placed against each other and the coupler rotated onto the short thread to form the connection. Wrench tighten the coupler onto the short bar and rotate the lock nut against the coupler and wrench tight

Nominal Sizes Of 'IRON MAN' BMS Rebar Coupler

British Standard
Nominal Bar Size ( Ø mm) 16 20 25 28 32 40 50
Coupler Diameter (mm) 23 31 38 43 48 60 75
Hexagon - B (mm) 21 29 36 41 46 - -
Coupler Length 38 46 58 65 70 86 110

Typical Test Results For 'IRON MAN' BMS Rebar Coupler

"Typical Test Results - ISO15835 
Hot Rolled Bars - BS 4449"
Nominal Bar Size
(Ø mm)
Yield Stress
Ultimate Stress Permanent Elongation
(0.6fy) mm
Failure Mode
50 516 651 0.082 Bar Break
40 537 655 0.005 Bar Break
32 526 717 0.005 Bar Break
28 533 684 0.004 Bar Break
25 540 692 0.005 Bar Break
20 505 680 0.015 Bar Break
16 507 650 0.005 Bar Break