Rebate Box System

The Preshcon Rebate Box System is a unique system designed to provide a rebate for shear load transfer and continuity of steel reinforcement for reinforced concrete connections ( e.g. wall to slab, wall to wall ).

Preshcon Rebate Box System

The Preshcon Rebate Box System comprises of a uniquely dimpled galvanised metal rebated fabricated to hold a range of different reinforcement bar sizes between Y12 and Y16.

This metal rebate can be manufactured to suit any required design depth or size of rebate allowing effective shear load transfer at the connection.

In regards to the standard type of reinforcement connection detail, Preshcon offers three standard types, that is -- Type "A", Type "B" and Type "C" Rebate Boxes.

Rebate Box System Type A

Type “A” Box

The design is a simple top and bottom bar detail with standard cog length to meet the local Standard for lap lengths.

Rebate Box System Type B

Type “B” Box

This is a single bar detail with a standard cog length.     

Rebate Box System Type C

Type “C” Box

This is a top and bottom bar detail but instead of standard cog length the top and bottom bar and designed as a continuous bar. This continuous bar is designed to meet local Standards

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