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Preshcon Industries Pte. Ltd

Preshcon Industries PTE. LTD was founded in September 1999 by Managing Director Mel Precious who saw an opening in the international market place for construction products of the highest quality that continually pioneer safety and structural longevity.

Customer Commitment

With over 30 years experience of design, development, testing, marketing and sales built upon a philosophy which specifically focus’ on customer relationships and long term commitment Preshcon continues to more than satisfy its customers on a daily basis, providing world class engineering experience and consulting to the construction industry.

Preshcon’s ever growing list of high profile and prestigious contracts only goes to prove exactly what this type of philosophy and a culture of celebrating success can lead to, Preshcon has supplied construction products to renowned worldwide projects such as:

  • The Burj Khalifa
  • The Korean Sang Am World Cup stadium
  • Marina Sands Integrated Resort & Casino Singapore
  • Shin Kori 3 & 4 Nuclear Power Plant

Preshcon Product Range

With its continued success Preshcon has built up a suite of products that satisfy world leading quality and safety criteria.

Currently Preshcon supplies

Products that beat international standards for design, quality and safety, suit any civil or commercial project and offer contractors unique time and cost saving qualities without sacrifice.

Preshcon’s head office and 2 main manufacturing plants are located in the Asian hub of Singapore where it operates sales, customer service, technical back up, equipment testing, calibration and repairs.