CCL Stressing System

The CCL Stressing system range comprises of prestressing products including Prestressing Jacks and Prestressing Pumps, Open Grips, Spring Loaded Anchors and Double Ended Joints. Developed in 1951 CCL's wedge type grip is today accepted as industry standard. We provide technical assistance with the selection of appropriate products for precast concrete and our technical staff will be pleased to discuss your specific application.

All CCL products are designed and manufactured to the quality requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 : 1994.

CCL Stressing System: XL Open Grip

xl-open-gripThe CCL Stressing XL open grip is the most popular multiple use grip in use throughout the world. It comprises a barrel and a wedge, where the wedge is in two segments for the wire and three segments for strand. The wedge segments are held together with an 'O' ring. These are available in a variety of sizes.
Advantages of the open grip include:

  • It is highly economical with few components.
  • The wedge position may be inspected during use.
  • Ease of detensioning.
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance

CCL Stressing System: Spring Loaded Anchors

anchorsCCL Stressing offers two types of spring loaded anchors (SLA) : the XL threaded cap type and the XL bayonet type. They should normally be used at the non-stressing end of a bed, but if prestressing is carried out using a jack without power lock-off, spring loaded anchors should also be used at the stressing end of the bed.
The XL threaded cap type anchor incorporates the same type of wedge as the open grip, but has a longer barrel, a spring and a threaded cap.
Two threaded type anchors may be used with a center plug to form a double ended joint.
The XL bayonet cap type anchor features quick and easy release to facilitate inspection and cleaning of the wedges.

CCL Stressing System: Double Ended Joints

double-ended-anchorsThe CCL Stressing XL double ended (DEJ) joints are used to connect two lengths of strand in order to reduce strand wastage. An additional application is the connection of strand of differing sizes, thus making a reducing joint. All XL strand double ended joints incorporate a safety peg ensuring full engagement between wedge and strand.
The large hexagonal center plug and chamfered ends with spanner flats promote easy assembly, while the chamferred ends reduce the risk of trapping one double ended joint against another during prestressing.

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